Huize ESG Commitment

As a leading player in the online insurance industry, Huize’s strategic ESG initiatives and commitments are to create a long-term sustainable and environmental-friendly business underpinned by enhanced governance measures.

We are committed to being at the forefront of promoting the digitalization of the insurance industry, exploring and creating shared value for our stakeholders, and satisfying our consumers’ lifetime insurance needs through building our integrated insurance ecosystem.

Huize ESG Governance

The ESG Committee consists of the Secretary of the Board and senior management members from core operational and administrative departments. Under the supervision of the Board, the ESG Committee is responsible for formulating ESG strategies and goals, identifying and evaluating ESG risks and impacts, and overseeing the ESG initiatives and practices of the Company. The ESG Office and the corresponding ESG Working Group under the guidance of the Committee to ensure a more effective and aligned implementation. 






Huize ESG Report

Huize published its inaugural Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) report.

Key highlights from the ESG report include the Company’s efforts to:

  • enhance corporate governance and risk management;
  • improve customer service experience through technology;
  • care for employees and support talent development;
  • promote ‘green’ offices and a low-carbon operation; and
  • shoulder social responsibility.

Read Our ESG Report

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