Huize Partners with Guofu Life to Launch “Darwin Critical Care No. 6”

Jan 6, 2022

SHENZHEN, China, Jan. 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Huize Holding Limited, (“Huize”, the “Company” or “we”) (NASDAQ: HUIZ), a leading digital insurance product and service platform for new generation consumers in China, today announced that it has partnered with Guofu Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (“Guofu Life”) to launch “Darwin Critical Care No. 6”, the latest critical illness insurance product iteration in the Darwin Critical Care series that offers a comprehensive range of optional protection benefits.

There are four key product highlights of “Darwin Critical Care No. 6”: (i) extensive coverage for 110 critical illnesses, 25 moderate illnesses, and 50 mild illnesses; (ii) coverage reinstatement benefits after the first claim of critical illness and optional critical illness benefits of up to 100% of the insured amount, until age 60; (iii) optional benefit of “unlimited number of claims” for severe malignant tumors upon meeting specified requirements as detailed in the insurance clauses; and (iv) other optional benefits including death and total disability benefits, and supplemental coverage for severe malignant tumors and specific cardiovascular diseases.

Mr. Cunjun Ma, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Huize, commented, “The launch of ‘Darwin Critical Care No. 6’ again demonstrates our digital capabilities in deploying deep customer insights to co-develop customized insurance products with our insurer partners. This latest product in the innovative Darwin Critical Care series provides comprehensive optional benefits to increase coverage and flexibility, particularly with respect to severe malignant tumors and specific cardiovascular diseases, which are becoming increasingly common among younger-aged adults. Looking ahead, we believe there is substantial room for greater demand for critical illness coverage, and we will continue to explore and develop more innovative products to meet the evolving protection needs of our users.”

About Guofu Life Insurance Co., Ltd 

Founded in 2018, Guofu Life Insurance Co., Ltd. is a nationwide life insurance company with a registered capital of RMB1.5 billion. In the third quarter of 2021, its core and comprehensive solvency ratios were above 150%, and it was rated Class B in China’s comprehensive risk rating for insurance companies.

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About Huize Holding Limited

Huize Holding Limited is a leading digital insurance product and service platform for new generation consumers in China. Targeting the younger generation, Huize is dedicated to serving its insurance clients for their life-long insurance needs. Leveraging its online platform, Huize offers a wide variety of insurance products with a focus on long-term life and health insurance products, and empowers its insurer partners to reach a large fragmented client base in the insurance retail market efficiently and enhance their insurance sales. Huize provides insurance clients with digitalized insurance experience and services, including suitable product recommendations, consulting service, intelligent underwriting, and assistance in claim application and settlement, which significantly improve transaction experience.

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