Huize at a Glance

We are a leading independent online insurance product and service platform in China that is not affiliated with insurance companies or other insurance industry participants. As a licensed insurance intermediary operating an online platform, we do not bear underwriting risks. We distribute on our platform insurance products underwritten by insurance companies we cooperate with, whom we refer to as our insurer partners, and help them reach a large number of purchasers of insurance products, or our insurance clients. We primarily generate revenues from the insurance brokerage fees paid by our insurer partners. We believe, leveraging internet, technology and data analytics expertise, our business model enables us to reach the insurance retail market in a cost-effective manner.

In order to serve our clients' protection needs, we offer a wide variety of insurance products with easy-to-understand terms and focusing on protection. Our products cover two major categories—life and health insurance products, and property & casualty insurance products. A substantial portion of our insurance client base are the younger generation, particularly life and health insurance clients. The younger generation are typically tech-savvy, with strong preference to online transactions. Our online platform offers digitalized insurance experience and services efficiently and effectively through various internet and mobile internet channels, attracting the younger generation and meeting the growing trend in online insurance purchase. Targeting the younger generation, we are dedicated to serving our insurance clients for their life-long insurance needs. We believe that our insurance clients are at an early stage of establishing insurance protection for both themselves and their families. By focusing on long-term life and health insurance products, we create long-term engagement with our insurance clients, which we believe enables us to provide insurance services to our insurance clients along their life journey, generate long-term recurring revenues from commission fees, and accumulate multi-dimension data from such clients to improve our product development and risk management capabilities.

We have established business cooperations with a large group of insurer partners. We empower our insurer partners to reach a massive and fragmented client base quickly, and enhance their insurance sales through our online platform. Our distribution capabilities are especially valuable for fast-growing insurance companies seeking efficient distribution channels. Serving as an effective distribution platform to our insurer partners, we have also integrated critical steps in the insurance policy distribution process, such as intelligent underwriting and in-force policy administration, in our system. We believe that this integration not only creates value for our insurer partners, but also enhances our own client data accumulation and risk management capabilities. In addition, supported by our insurance expertise, actuarial capabilities, risk management capabilities and the large amount of client behavior data we possess and analyze, we take initiatives in designing and developing tailor-made insurance products together with our insurer partners. Such collaboration not only solidifies our relationship with insurer partners, but also allows us to better serve clients’ protection needs and to capture evolving market opportunities.

Through serving and supporting both insurance clients and insurer partners, we operate as an independent platform with a dual-engine business model. We provide insurance clients with high-quality client services, including suitable product recommendations, consulting service, intelligent underwriting and assistance in claim application and settlement, which significantly improves transaction experience. Leveraging our strong product distribution capabilities, rigorous risk management system and deep market insights, we believe our insurer partners are willing to offer more products with attractive terms on our platform, which in turn attracts more insurance clients, forming a virtuous cycle. Our founding team began operating an online insurance business under the "Huize" brand in 2006. We believe the 15 years of reputable track record in the industry and our powerful dual-engine model pose a significant entry barrier to potential competitors.

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